Sunday, February 8, 2009

Edging closer

Most of the UI/gameplay elements are done now. Needed a distraction from our other project, so went back to working on this a little early!

There's still a lot of simulator fun left to make, and almost all the writing, but progress is always nice :)

Silly graveyard management marketing thoughts thanks to a random generator and a few adjustments:
  • Putting the "Fun" in Funeral
  • How to make money from mass murderers
  • Whack the zombie horde back into their graves
  • Happyland Spooky Theme Parks presents...
  • Make somewhere your great grandma will love
  • Decorate headstones with plushy ghosts!
  • Why wait for someone to die to plan a funeral?
  • All the coffins you'll ever want - $19.99

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