Friday, January 30, 2009

Sin and Punishment

The mortician simulator has a Karma bar. Sock puppets sit on your shoulder (representing an angel & devil), helping guide you through the managerial choices you'll have to make.

Prototype UI:

Being sinful during daily decisions makes you more money and attracts individuals (fashion designers, farmers, mad scientists, criminals...) with "business opportunities". Those can land you in trouble with media & the police.

High karma has no reward for itself other than being given silly community awards. Any suggestions, or is it better to have none?

* Drawing in wealthy deadies is controlled by different values: reputation & cemetery appearance

Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Dig, dig, dig... More corpses to curtain mishaps and malicious mimes. Wouldn't be surprised if criminals were involved at this rate. Must be good for YOURNAME's business... he's making a killing with what he charges."

Oh, hello!

I guess you've come for the pre-opening celebrations. Here's the speech I'm supposed to give all the visitors:

Welcome students to the latest training site for morticians by DEVNAME. We're creating fabulous new tools, in the form of a computer game, to allow all would-be undertakers to experience life as a funeral director without actually becoming one.

You'll be able to manage graveyards, plan funerals, and sell your kosher hotdogs to mourners. Will you listen to your conscience, or do business deals with crime lords, mad scientists and a very devilish character? Profit is king in what is sure to be the most realistic cemetery & funeral management simulation ever! ...because it's the only graveyard management simulator around.

Check back soon if you'd like to have some input on how the final pieces develop! Now, where was I...

The old groundskeeper goes back to digging, warning you to be on lookout for voodoo zombies.