Friday, January 30, 2009

Sin and Punishment

The mortician simulator has a Karma bar. Sock puppets sit on your shoulder (representing an angel & devil), helping guide you through the managerial choices you'll have to make.

Prototype UI:

Being sinful during daily decisions makes you more money and attracts individuals (fashion designers, farmers, mad scientists, criminals...) with "business opportunities". Those can land you in trouble with media & the police.

High karma has no reward for itself other than being given silly community awards. Any suggestions, or is it better to have none?

* Drawing in wealthy deadies is controlled by different values: reputation & cemetery appearance


  1. reward might be not having sins punishments

  2. what up cray?

    thanks for that lovely comment about my game. your mortician sim game is a pretty cool idea, regardless of how conceptually moribund it may be. haha! i'd love to see any screenshots or mockups of your game whenever available.

    the only comment I can say is that from the first glance of your karma Prototype UI, it is very hard to distinguish the angel from the devil unless you look carefully at the beard/halo pixels. perhaps you can had some aura emminating from them.

    anyhow, good shit. keep up the good work.

    i'll see you on the otherside

  3. I just wanted to mention I think this sounds like a crazy idea - that just might work. :)

    I've been reading about funerals and morticians over the past few days, and I think there's definitely some material there.


  4. Thanks for the comments all :)